Teeth have many pits and crevices along their surface that collect food and bacteria.

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For a young person, especially, these areas can be hard to brush and sections can be missed that have trapped food which leads to a cavity and a future filling.

Dental sealants are coatings that are applied by a dentist to the surface of teeth. These coatings are designed to fill these pits and crevices so that food cannot be trapped. This reduces greatly the opportunity for tooth decay and subsequent drilling and filling.  The great thing about sealants is that there is no drilling, no needles for anesthesia and are done in a single visit.

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Here is what some parents have told us about their experience with us:

We came in for a consultation… my daughter is really squeamish about the whole dentist thing. After we left, she told me that she really liked the dentist. He didn’t scare her and was gentle. C.S.

My daughter & I were very impressed with the efficiency of the entire staff. Very professional & friendly. J.M.

My daughter got her first fillings and it couldn’t have gone better! So nice to see the way the dentist spoke in a child’s manor, so well with children! Thank you! W.H.

My son’s hygienist was extremely nice. She talked with my son and myself, so I felt like we weren’t just a number… please tell her thank you and we look forward to seeing her in 6 months! D.C.