Our Team of Professionals

Dr. Ahmad Rabata

Dr. Rabata's goal as your dentist is to provide a safe, comfortable environment and to help you achieve improved oral health and a beautiful smile. He says "My patients are treated with the same open communication, consideration and concern as...
Dr. Kamini Kapoor

Dr. Kapoor moved to New York when she was 12 years old.  Her father worked for the U.S. Aid and was stationed in Afghanistan, which is where she was born.  She decided to be a dentist when she was 10...
Javier Aguirre
Dental Hygienist

As a hygienist, Javier enjoys educating and helping his patients understand how important their oral health is to their overall health.  He is currently certified in nitrous monitoring as well as certified in using diode lasers for laser bacterial reduction, teeth...
Fermin Paz
Dental Assistant

Fermin is originally from Michigan and has been in the valley for five years now.  He recently graduated as a Registered Dental Assistant. He says "Being a dental assistant allows me the opportunity to help people improve their health and...
Jasmin Muñiz
Office Manager

For five years, Jasmin was a dental assistant and is now our office manager. She says "I love working in the dental field because we help our patients bring up their self-esteem and feel more confident in themselves. We will go the extra...
Frances Aguilar
Insurance Clerk

Frances enjoys her job as an insurance clerk.  She says, "The great part of my job is meeting new people." In her spare time, she enjoys activities with her kids.